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Default Re: X crashing at startup after update

Thanks very much for the quick reply, Lonni.

I didn't realize I was using an out-of-date Nvidia driver (1.0-8762), so I'll see what updating that does. For sake of science, and better understanding, what is going on in that lib/modules directory? Is it that on boot up, Ubuntu creates the .ko file from the Nvidia driver directory, and then cleans it out on a reboot? Is there a good reason for deleting it? There's also /lib/moules/2.6.15-27-386/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia/, which contains nvidiafb.ko. I'm curious why it doesn't just leave nvidia.ko in there, too.

Thanks again for the advice, and I'll report back what happens either way, in case anyone else is having this issue.

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