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Default Re: Drivers nvidia beta=MADNESS!

Originally Posted by meskalamdug
Escuse me,but yesterday linux make me crazy...
i've upgraded to dbus 0-95,hal stop working...
cedega crashes and freeze X
when i remove driver nvidia,hal return to work
(for this reason i think was an nvidia problem)
don't ask me why..because i don't know.
So i solved:
1)Removed beta drivers,cedega return working
2)Recompiled with 5 patches hal...and hal
return to works with nvidia.

p.s=escuse me for off-topic

Well then hal was compiled against your old dbus libraries, and with this update you broke hal among other things, and if service is not restarted after this upgrade, you will notice this on restart. This has nothing to do with your drivers.
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