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Default Re: X crashing at startup after update

I'm a little confused now as to from where this 9626 driver is coming. I found it on Nvidia's site by searching the version number itself on Google. From their site, however, I can't find the 9626 driver through links. The main Linux page has an IA32 driver that's still on 1.0-8776, and the BETA page has an x86 that's still on 1.0-9625. I don't see a link on the site for 1.0-9626.

Still, on a lark, I downloaded the x86-1.0-8776 driver to see what would happen with that. I got the same set of errors - you can take the previous error message I posted, and change the version number. I really don't understand at this point what it wants. Which precompiled binary is it seeking?

Given the error message's talk about finding the kernel source for the currently running kernel, I also downloaded (via Synaptic) nvidia-kernel-source, which is at 1.0.8776+ (installed == latest), and also linux-source-2.6.15, currently at 2.6.15-27.48 (installed == latest). Neither of those helped the driver install (same attempts/errors).

Thanks again for any help.
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