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Default Re: GeForce 6800 and random freezes

Damn, I was problem free for a LONG time. I was running on the 84.21 drivers with no problems. Very recently, though, my MSI K8N Neo Platinum crapped out on me. I had to find a replacement. I stupidly thought "what the hell, the nVidia nForce3 / 6800 DirectX studdering problem is long gone. A thing of the past. I'll just get another nForce 3 board". Big mistake. I bought an Asus K8N-E motherboard with the nForce3 250GB chipset. I loaded up the same graphics drivers I was having good luck with before, thinking the studdering problem was always a driver issue that nVidia has resolved.

Long story short, the problem's back. I'm running the latest chipset & video drivers (but my "rock solid" 84.21 drivers didn't do any good either). I also just updated to the latest BIOS. DirectX games are now unplayable again. Damn. I should have bought a different chipset. What the hell causes this problem, though? It can't be drivers. I'm running the exact same setup before, software and driver-wise. My motherboard's just by a different manufacturer now. Same chipset.

Update: Just tried a fresh install of XP SP2 with all new drivers... still studders. It boggles my mind as to why this problem still exists on some boards.

Yet another update: I believe I'm in the clear again. I read somewhere in this thread that even though you disable fastwrites in the bios (which I did on the new board), they still can be enabled within the drivers. That was news to me. I downloaded RivaTuner again, disabled its LockDangerSettings value so I could edit the AGP stuff, forced fastwrites to off (the status in RivaTuner said they were on) and rebooted. Did some testing in Call of Duty 2 and FEAR: Extraction Point. No Studdering! Thank God I didn't have to buy 2 motherboards for the same system within a 2 week time span. I suppose I could have just as easily edited this post and removed all traces of these ramblings, but I'll leave it up in the off chance that someone stumbles through here with the same problem I was having. Woo!

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