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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by russ_3d
yeah, but without boss battles and raid groups

im crossing my fingers for AION.
There are lots of boss battles in GW, especially in Nightfall. And there are areas which are similar to the raid dungeons in WoW. The elite missions in Factions are extremely long dungeons which you try to complete with a team larger than usual (12 players that is... not much compared to WoW's 40 player dungeons, but these elite missions feels pretty chaotic as well). Personally I'm not fond of those dungeons since they take literally hours to complete.

If you're looking for a MMO which is based on skill (and not about being a higher level than everybody else or having that uber +45 Axe of Doom) this is the ONLY MMO you'll ever find which is like that.

There's lots of talk about GW being purely about PvP and that's just a big lie. There's far more PvE content than PvP content. It's just that the game excels at PvP compared to all other MMOs. But it has a ton of fun pve content as well (which is especially true now as Nightfall is released)
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