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Default Re: Black Screen of Death on SMP system

Okay, have tried the new 9626 on this system. Have the same results. Black screen of death using the NvAGP = 1, NvAGP = 2 (using built in AGPGart Module: built a kernel with this enabled to try out this option in case it happened to work when the nvidia agpgart would not).

Only works when Option NvAGP = 0

This particular Xorg.0.log included in the bug report log, comes from a previous successful boot using the NvAGP = 0 option. No report is generated when using the NvAGP = 1. Since I didn't compile the kernel with AgpGart support, I used this option to use Nvidia's agpgart. This bug report is generated after rebooting the system after the system freezes because of running the following:

startx -logverbose 5

The /etc/X11/xorg.conf file has the Option NvAGP set to 1 when this occurs.

Appreciate any help.

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