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Default I can't get twinview to work correctly

I have a geforce 7800gt, ubuntu edgy, a 19" lcd and a sony kdf e50a11 connected via an hdmi-dvi cable

I'd just be happy with a setup similar to my old windows one:

clone mode, with a 1280x720 resolution (stretched to 1280x1024 on the lcd)

but I couldn't get to set a stretched 1280x720 on the lcd.

After some tries I ended with an extended desktop setup... 1280x1024 on the lcd and 1280x720 on the tv.
This setup would be perfect, if it wasn't for the tearing

I also tried keeping the lcd disabled when I enable the tv, but I get a very weird problem:
when I launch a video I can't see it, the pc almost freezes and it takes hours just to close the window...

I hope I explained myself well, as english is not my main language.

I think I'd be happy with the last setup, if anyone can help me with the video problem

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