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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Actually, even now I can state what some of these probs are, as I've run into some of them:

- Was in Warsong Gulch several weeks ago, when my character got stuck in the BG. All other chars in my party got stuck as well. Hit the thing to unstick one's self, no good. Sent message off to the GM, though after about 45 mins, we decided to go on other chars.

At that point the stuck one appeared as a ghost (but wasn't) and was totally non-loggable. We played on other guys, came back, and logged in, was alive but in the middle of a new battle. Not liking the idea of picking up someone's battle in the middle, in a bad place, I hearthed.

- Getting DCed in the middle of instance runs, or having it happen alternately to like half one's party. Some classes (like a healer, someone to sheep, and someone to tank) can just be necessary for anyone in the party to get their thing... You might fair without sheeping (though it could be harder), but without a healer, forget it.

- Lag spikes people alternately get (including loot lag, where one's hunched over the corpse and locked in place for several mins, until it gives a "you don't have permission to loot". Loot the same exact corpse again, and well you had it all along. Things such as loot lag and what not are not necessarily one's connection either, as it can coincide with exceptionally good latency) like 200 ms vs. a more normal 250 ms.

- Sitting in group chat, and what we ended up working out was certain messages weren't showing up on one's screen at all the same time

Yeah there are some issues...
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