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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by UDawg
At the same time my warrior was guildless and it is impossible to get into a guild then get into the raids with the DKP others have built up. I have been a 60 warrior since march 2005 with tons of experience in tanking. You have people with alt warriors passing me up because they are in mega guilds. Even main warriors with half my skill running around in might gear. I got frustrated so I started a horde tauren hunter. I parked him at lvl 49 to do BGs but that got old. Basically if you are not in a mega guild you can't go any where wrt end content and the game becomes boring.
You might find this odd; but I think some people are getting sick of the total n00bs, that get rushed to lvl 60 in a forte night, and have no idea of how to play. Peeps have also gotten sick of lvl 1s demanding practically that lvl 60s come down and spend all their time lvling them to 60 *now* so they don't have to play*, while trade window spamming for gold.

Lets put it this way, just the other week, during a guild meeting it was decided to promote me to an officer before the meeting was over. As an officer, and during many of our convs, I can see essentially where things are headed. And they're headed in a direction that might surprise you. Suffice it to say that one of the changes that has been tossed about is having minimum lvl requirements since having moved pretty much to invitation only. We also want to make sure people know how to play their class, or forget it.

Funny thing Udawg, another time/place you probably would have been invited in, whereas many of these n00bs who passed you up would have been rejected; the way things are heading in my own guild. Not that Aman'Thul necessarily has peeps on when you might be looking; due to being an Oceana server. We'll also invited a number of 50+ warriors, priests, and are still looking for locks and mages.

As to the low guys who want a fast rush so they don't have to play the game (and never learn); many of us are just sick of random runs through instances from lfg channel where we get them, and never make it through..
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