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Default Re: Xine and 8776 X86_64

I installed 8776 on an Athlon 64-bit system running FC6. I had a difficult time installing nvidia's proprietary drivers (never had a problem with FC3, FC4, or FC5). I finally got it installed - I'm not sure whether adding a symlink from autoconf.h to config.h was the solution (I also tried installing the kmod-nvidia & related modules and then removed them due to repeadted nasty freezes of X11). I used to be able to play HDTV .ts streams perfectly. Now if I use xine, mplayer, or kaffeine, I get very nasty freezes - so bad that I can't ctrl alt F1 to a consol - my only option is to reboot.

Has anyone else run into this problem? How can I test the accelerated graphics? When I start xine, mplayer, or kaffeine, the high def vidio starts nicely but eventually (and quickly) freezes the X11 display. This worked perfectly under FC5. My FC6 is completely updated.

Rick B.
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