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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Thread

First let me say Hi to everybody. I was reading this forum for some time and today decided to register and post.

Since I fly Cessna 172 for real I have mixed opinions about FSX. I used FS9 for IFR training and for some steam-venting with some acrobatics

I'm still a bit dissapointed with some things in FSX (landing lights illuminating the runway is still strange, some sounds...). I was hoping for better VFR conditions in FSX since you know how Google Earth looks like for example. I don't care for dolphins and how houses look like. I want to know where I am by looking out and now-days i'm sure you don't need a monster PC to do that.

But I must say that this VFR from "Just Flight" looks promising. I'm only not sure what area it covers (probably not Slovenia where I'm from).

Anyway, now I'm waiting for first Direct3D Graphic cards to apear (GF8800 or ATI) and maybe Vista (needed for library) and then I'am planing to give money

I just wonder if Ath.64 X2 5000 (or Core 2 Duo E6600), 2GB, GF8800 will be enough for 1980P on LCD TV What do you think?

O, and by the way, has anybody know about special cards for physical calculations coupling with the FS?

Till next time...
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