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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Thread

As you can imagine people often ask this question. And I find it difficult to answer. Iím sure that Microsoft guys have taken all the necessary data in the consideration, like stall speeds in all configurations, climb rates at various altitudes and on and onÖ And really Cessna is flying pretty much like that in general. But still to me for example, taking off on a hot humid summer day with full tanks and 4 heavy people or in calm winter day and light is in reality more noticeable different.

Also something else, when a friend was showing off lending Cessna in windy conditions and saying that it is so easy I said to him, well, firstly a minute ago in that maneuver you would firstly throw up, on next maneuver you would probably blackout and by then you would surely panic and then crash

Ok, itís not THAT horrible but there are a few things that will never be in the simulator: scary (or cool) factor, forces in the plane, view, need of conversation and looking out for other traffic, since you wonít be able to restart the game. All that influences on you directly and how you fly.

Landing in the 15m parking lot? Never.
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