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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Thread

Thanks pentax! This reminds me of long discussions in the racing sim community and I see the differences between (racing and flight) sims and RL are basically the same. I still enjoy sims, even if they only grap 1% of the real thing, I will never be a pilot and it is a lot of fun to just imagine and fly and realize how tough and busy the work in the ****pit actually can be (for a non-professional).

Regarding your previous question, nope FSX doesnīt support physics accelerators, it doesnīt even take full advantage of dual-core CPUs. We might have to wait for FS10 or FS11 until we see proper support for this tech.

I am looking forward to the DX10 patch for FSX/Vista and hope it will make a difference but honestly I donīt know if a single 8800GTX will be able to run FSX at 1920x1080 resolution at playable framerates. Itīs possible but the GTX is already quite a CPU hungry card, and when you add a CPU hungry sim like FSX to it, I donīt think it will be able to render anythign like 60fps. I personally would be happy with 30fps at 1080p but I guess we have to wait for reviews and tests and see what framerates the 8800GTX will be able to deliver in FSX.

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