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Question Ubuntu Dualhead with GeForce4 and Vanta TNT2

I'm running a dualhead system with a GeForce4 MX 420 in the AGP slot and a Vanta TNT2 in the PCI slot next to it. Until recently, the newest Nvidia drivers allowed both cards to work in a dualhead configuration.

This configuration worked well in XP with the last driver release. My switch to Ubuntu happened about the same time as the newest driver release and I've noticed that TNT2 cards are now supported only in the legacy drivers. I haven't figured out yet how to make the Vanta work in XP with the new driver package, but it seemed like it would be easy enough in Ubuntu...

...except that when I try to install the legacy drivers, the package manager wants to uninstall the drivers for the GeForce4. Is it possible to have both installed at once? If I can figure out how to override the installation and have both installed at once, will it cause any conflicts?
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