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Default Re: PowerMizer and Power Saving and Linux

Originally Posted by Ditig
PS. Is there anything else that can be done to reduce power if all I need is 2D graphics while using the battery? Thanks.
try nvclock:

i use it on my laptop with gforce go 6200TC to underclock the gpu.
The following comand forces the gpu memory at 200hz and its core at 100hz

nvclock -f m 200 -n 100

the default values in my case are 600Hz for the memory and 300Hz for the core.

I believe that the nvidia folks could enable the underclocking on all the mobile gpus supported by their drivers very easily: by allowing the coolbits option for mobile gpus. In order to avoid users to toast their gpus, a sound policy would be to disallow the overclocking on the "go" class, only underclocking.

However a dynamic switching of the core/memory frequency as it is possible to do with the proprietary and open-source drivers for radeon gpus (ATI) would be a bless for mobility

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