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Default nVidia, TVOut via Framebuffer - all without X

I have 2 graphics cards - both are nVidia FX 5200.
One controls the primary monitor and the second will control a TV screen via an application I will write.
I don't want to use X at all so I currently just boot Ubuntu to a prompt with no Gnome graphics.
I want to use a Framebuffer to control the TV screen but am struggling!

I am so confused about "nv", "nvidia", X, xorg.conf, "vga=", "nvidiafb", "vesafb", "vga16fb", "devfb" etc.

Do I need to install the "nvidia" driver or can I rely on "nv"?
Do I need to use "vesafb" or "nvidiafb"?

At the moment, if I unblacklist the nvidiafb module, it gets loaded and I see 3 /dev/fb*'s. However, if I blacklist nvidiafb and unblacklist vesafb - I only get /dev/fb0 which is using vga16fb. I guess this is my primary monitor rather than my TV screen.

Can anyone offer any advice?
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