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Unhappy FreeBSD 4.8 + nvidia

Hi over there,

First, excuse my poor English, I'm Basque.

Second... well as all you can see FreeBSD IT'S A LINUX DISTRO what a surprise!!!

Third, the problem:
I used the nvidia driver with 4.7 -STABLE and it works GREAT, but now I've 4,8 -STABLE and I don't want to go back, but the drivers don't work.

When I write startx it goes right but after showing the nvidia splash when my computer try to show the KDE's starting status (you know, those little icons under a centered box) well my computer just FREEZE.

If anybody has try those drivers with 4.8 -STABLE and has make something to make them work, please respond.

Thank you all.


PD/ Excuse me... I have a GeForce 3 200 Ti, with 64Mb, an AMD Athlon XP 1600, 640 Mb of RAM, and well, the rest it's no important, I think. I dind't make any hardware changes since I had 4.7.

Thanks a lot again.

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