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Default monitor powers off


i have a problem since more than a year with different (all versions i've tried up to 1.0.9625 beta) versions of nvidia driver.
Sometimes, if i switch from x11 to console and want to switch back to x11 (same applies to a second XServer start or stop/start the current one) my monitor powers off instead of switching to correct resolution.(i'm using no display manager, only startx from getty terminal)

I can predict if this would happens after the switch from x11 to console (plain 80x25, no fb), cause the console prompt was buggy in this case. The (real) cursor is always 5 or 6 chars ahead to the correct position. Using a editor (vi) is really complicated.
In this case a X11 start or return will definitive power off my monitor (like dpms power off). The system ist not freezed, ssh or similair works.

Another curiosity was, if it works once after powering on the system it works endless until next reboot, and i can't predict after power-on if it will work or not.

I'm using a dual-desktop konfiguration (no twinview) most of the time. Sometimes with my CRT+TV and mostly with CRT+DFP (Beamer).

I've played a lot of with:
"NoInt10" "0|1"
"InitPrimary" "0|1"
options with different values in my xorg.conf, but without luck.

I've attached my xorg.conf, most of the time i'm using the Dual2 ServerLayout.

Anyone has similair problems? The buggy console effect is really curious to me.
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