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Angry HP Photo and Imaging Director Hates IE7

OK, so for several months now I could not for the life of me figure out what the hell was wrong with my HP Director. I would click on the icon and nothing would happen, but if I alt+ctrl+del and looked at processes it would show it running. I just chalked it up to a Windows update or an nvidia driver issue or maybe even the fact that I'm using the Vista Theme pack thingy. I searched Google and could not find any answers! No big deal really since I could still scan by using the scan button the device itself.

Then I get an email from my mother today asking why her HP Director won't come up. She then stated she Googled the problem and found that it isn't compatible with IE7. WTF? I proceeded to uninstall IE7 and after a reboot (reverts back IE6 automatically) I clicked the HP Director icon and what the hel do you comes right up. Sonofa.....! Thanks, mom, for saving the day.

So, any HP PSC owners out there, if you can't get your HP Director to show up after clicking the icon, make sure you don't have IE7 installed, at least for now.
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