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Default Re: FreeBSD 4.8 + nvidia

Originally posted by bAz
well as all you can see FreeBSD IT'S A LINUX DISTRO what a surprise!!!
Umm.... WHAT? FreeBSD is not in fact Linux. FreeBSD is one of the three available variants of BSD (the others are NetBSD and OpenBSD), which is Berkeley Unix. The University of California at Berkeley got the Unix source from AT&T way back when, then they made a bunch of changes to it, and released it as BSD, the Berkeley Software Distribution, or something like that.

It has zero Linux (and by Linux I mean the kernel) code in it at all. Linux is also much, much newer than BSD (though both are kept current by their maintainers).

Here is a decent explanation of some of the differences, found by searching everyone's friend, Google.

There is also a Newsforge article that focuses more on the different licensing issues, but still has a bit of what you're looking for:

There's also the FreeBSD+Linux Mini-HOWTO, with a section on what is FreeBSD here:

and a section on other information here:
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