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Default Re: Nvidia drivers 9629 slowness issue

Originally Posted by acedog
I don't know if you are running compiz, but I get an FPS which is about half when I do. I just disable compiz when I want the extra performance. However, I have had this issue with both the 9625 and the new 9629 drivers. (BTW I have an old 6800 which gives me 10000 under glxgears without compiz and 5000 when I have compiz running.)
I'm not running it with compiz. Man, I don't even want to see how low it would go in Compiz with the 9629 drivers... Nice to know i'm not the only one though.

I did try them again and this time I wasn't even able to run UT2004.. It kept freezing and had to kill it.. I shall be keeping 9625 for awhile now..
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