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Originally posted by ErrorS
a lie? how about you go look at the quack articles.. the benchmarks that go along with them.. then the benchmark for the driver set that fixed the quack thing.. then tell me how much it helped performance
Yes, it is a lie and you continue to lie. As already stated, the quack cheat can be disabled. That is how we all know that the quack cheat boosted Quake 3 performance--contrary to what you want us to believe.

Example: at 1280x1024, Quack: 136 FPS, no Quack: 115.

It is not exactly a huge difference in performance (18% boost). But it is enough to cover ATi's rear-end in Quake III benchmarks until they got HyperZ working (at least in Quake III).

Oh, did you conveniently forget that HyperZII wasn't working out of the box on the Radeon 8500 in OpenGL? Oh, how convenient. Typical but convenient.

And your response conveniently ignores the obvious fact that ATi had routines in the drivers that specifically recognizes Quake III and Quake III only--a game application widely used in benchmarks. So rather than treat Quake III like any other OpenGL game, ATi's drivers run specialized routines just for Quake III and Quake III only. This was not a "Quake 3 engine" job like you people pretend it was, this was a "Quake III only" job. That is why these specialized routines didn't work with Return to Castle Wolfenstein. How convenient of you to forget these facts.

People with integrity would never knowingly accept results where specialized routines were used to boost up performance at specific benchmarks unless, of course, they can show that the competition was also using specialized routines.
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