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Default Re: Nvidia support for Xen

Originally Posted by Fenix
For the "remote" approach the question is: Will direct Hardware Access be possible?
You mean for the second variant with the Windows driver
implemented as X/GLX client? No, direct hardware access wouln't
be possible: the virtual machine talks to the X-Server running
in Dom0 via (virtual) network.

Originally Posted by Fenix
Otherwise I guess there will be a problem with DirectX applications (which are the interesting once when running Windows on DomU).
This may not necessaryly be an issue: DirectX (D3D) commands could
to be converted to OpenGL commands, which can then be streamed
to the remote X-Server. From what i know, this is what you can also
do with Wine.

Originally Posted by Fenix
I'd prefer a driver capable of sharing the real hardware to both systems.
Me too - this is what the third variant describes, but allowing the
Windows driver running in DomU and the Linux Driver running in
Dom0 to access the hardware at the same time would very
likely require quite some changes in the driver code, which
only nvidia could perform!

Originally Posted by Fenix
But any solution is better than no 3D support..
Maybe there is a fourth variant, which is a mix between the second
and the third variant:

The Windows driver in DomU converts DirectX/Direct3D function calls
to OpenGL function calls (like Wine is doing it), which are directly
accessing the hardware trough a "proxy GLX client process" running
in Dom0. This variant might be feasible without the need of modifying
the Linux nvidia driver ...

I was also considerung another variant where a driver is in sleep
mode in one domain while another driver is active in another domain.
In theory, this might be feasible with unmodified drivers, but you
could only do full screen switching, so it's not realy a comfortable


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