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Default Re: black screen with nvidia 1.0.9625

I'm presently trying the recently released 1.0.9629 drivers. Where I would normally get a black screen, now I get something, but unfortunately there's still something wrong with the video modes. I could not manage to get 1024x768 which is the max resolution on my DFP. The best I can get so far is a 800x600 rectangle in the middle of the screen. It seems strange though that this rectangle does not fill the entire screen and I have thick black borders around it.

I have two distinct situations:

1. If I disable EDID's, then I get something like 640x480, but the screen is squeezed towards the lefthand side, leaving the righthand side black.

2. If I enable EDID's, then the 1024x768 mode is not validated and I get the aforementioned 800x600 rectangle.

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