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Default Option "TVOutFormat" "SCART"

According to README there is Option "TVOutFormat" "SCART" for TV-out.
(It is written in Appendix H :"Force Scart output format, also called Peritel")
But what does it mean?

Does it mean that TV-out supports RGB output natively (without home-made VGA-to-SCART convertors and dances with modelines)?

If so, how to get RGB from 6150 on M2NPV-VM?

I tried VGA-to-SCART - doesn't work. (In TV-out mode, work when you switch to CRT display, but you have to care about modelines, like always)
I tried to use different RCA connectors from additional A-VS pannel - found luma signal.

How to use this option?
I didn't found any explanations, but this option is definitely doing something. Because result is differ from S-Video and Composite modes. I mean signal on different output connectors. When you switch to SCART mode there is only luma in S-Video and luma on one of RCAs for component output. I assume that this can be used instead of Sync signal. But where is the RGB itself?
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