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Default Re: Nvidia drivers 9629 slowness issue

Seems this bug only affects the 6800* series. Any Nvidia devs want to identify this as a bug? I was thinking though that maybe our 3D accel is not being activated.. Iv noticed when GLXGears is started on the drivers that do work, and any other 3D accel app, my video card makes a humming noise, but doesn't with the 9626 and 9629 drivers.. Also, when I was looking in my log I didn't see 3D accel activated in it, only 2D.. I may be wrong.. Wheres the Nvidia devs!

Also, theres new Nvidia beta drivers out. I'm gonna give them a shot to see if they fix this issue.

EDIT:! New Nvidia beta drivers fix this issue.. No slowdowns or loss of FPS... Amazing.. Try those drivers to see if they work for you!
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