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Default Re: Alliance in WoW - I've gotta rant :D

Originally Posted by Monolyth
It's the same on both ends, I played Horde for over 2 years (just recently quit WoW), and they can be just as disorganized as anything. I've had groups go into BG's and get plastered and at the same time plastering Alliance. The best thing is to find or create a guild and/or PvP team, it also helps to have voice coms (TS/Ventrilo), getting to know your fellow Alliance in a guild and/or team will greatly increase your enjoyment and of course survivability.
I'd have to disagree with the whole "enjoyment" part. I was on a PvP team for the last part of my WoW career, probably the best on the server. On a normal day to day basis, we rolled everyone. Besides the odd team or two, we'd grab the first 4 nodes in a couple seconds, rush the last one, then camp their graveyard. that may be cool the first couple times around, but it gets old really quick. there is no fun involved, no challenge. and we were getting better gear to what? roll more people?

right before I quit, there was word in the patch notes that they were adding a matchmaking system into BGs, based on both the gear you were wearing and the gear in your bags/bank. that may have helped, but at this point I'm not sure I care. WoW, bottom line, is an uphill grind. No matter what you do, what you achieve, the developers will ask you to grind to achieve some more. I'm done with that.
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