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Default Re: display corruption on GeForce 440 Go

Hi Guys,
i've some experience with this bugs, too. In fact I'm owning a Latitude C840 which is the same machine like the Inspiron 8200, sharing the same mainboard, chassis, vga card, display and so on. The only differences between the models are the better support for Latitudes, the slightly changed plastic covers on the top (Palmrest and Multimedia Keys above Keyboard) and a hole at the back only present on the Latitude machines allowing it to plug in in the bigger docking stations from Dell. Dell has equipped the i8200/C840 with display panels from a variety of different manufacturers, i know at least 5 companys which delivered panels shipped as uxga ultra sharp model. One of the manufacturers, samsung shipped panels with a faulty edid rom, containing the technical specs of the display leading to the wrong detection of the maximal resolution. Other panels from sharp, au optronics, etc don't show this behaviour and are working correct, so not all i8k/c840 users see this bugs. You will also see that this bugs is also visible in any windows driver newer than 6x.xx, the same versions which were the last that worked flawlessly in linux. I don't know which kind of samity checks nvidia introduced since that time, but it's no real bug in the drivers, it's in the panel. Updates of the edid rom in the panel are not possible for mormal people, this leaves the following options to get things to work:

1:Create a Modeline for 1600x1200 and tell the drivers to ignore any information from the edid rom. This way you can get 1600x1200 to work right, but i failed to get any smaller resolution to show up correctly, whatever i tried. Maybe really experienced people can find a working solution for more working resolutions.

2: Swap the defective by design panel. This is what i finally did. I bought one on ebay and sold my old one there. just take care not to get another one manufactured by samsung. After selling my old one at ebay this upgrade was around 30 Euros for me. Panels are sold relatively often there as far as i noticed, so you might also be able to win a good deal.

The black screen when starting X11 seems to be a bug in the drivers. Just tell the drivers the output should be routed to dfp-0

Good luck and sorry fpr my bad german english )
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