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Originally posted by RobHague
Exactley, but the FUD machine is turning and already im seeing headlines like "FXFlow Flaw" *shakes head*.

this is more a "journalist Flaw" than any other thing,
you cannot fry the Geforcefx with a screensaver ,
with games or any aplication.
the Geforcefx ,like many other video cards ,
have a security that at the worst scenerio locks the video card and your windows crash ,if they reach temperatures beyond what its normal temp for their
operation. i think its 140 degrees Celcius ,
in the Geforcefx its limits for normal operation ..

to fry the Geforcefx you will need gasoline or any
other flamable fluid ,because i have heard the silicone
melting point is beyond 1000 degrees

i know of burned Geforce4's ,about burned Monitors
,about Burned IDE cables and even about Motherboard
literary in fire..
but that usually happens when you have electrical problems
in your house or when the user do really stupid things.
that normal people will never do.

so its not possible to fry a 100% good video card
by using 3d or 2d software or games.
However it is possible to see DUmb journalists
claiming "how to fry a geforcefx" , using as proof their
WOrking GeforceFx.
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