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Default Re: Nvidia drivers 9629 slowness issue

Originally Posted by fafreeman
Okies. About a month ago I tried the Nvidia drivers 9626 when they were spotted on My distro is Gentoo, and they added them to portage last month and I upgraded to them. When I did I noticed big performance drops, glxgears was only showing 6,000fps instead of my normal 13,000fps I get on my 6800GT. All my OpenGL apps started to lag bad, and games like UT2004 dropped 20+ fps. So I downgraded back to 9625 and everything worked great again. Well today when the Nvidia 9629 drivers final was released I installed them, and again, the same issues I had with 9626 back in October I am still having with this version, but even now my cpu usage is up more. I went and installed Xorg again thinking that was it, did nvidia-xconfig to make a new Xorg.conf, but nothing seemed to work. Am I missing something in my Xorg or is it just the new drives don't like my card?

EDIT: For the time being, I went back to the 9625 drivers since they work perfectly. No slow downs or anything in that nature.. I just wonder what would be causing the 9629 drivers to cause such a slow down in everything? I tried the ones from Gentoo and Nvidia site.. Same thing..
You have RIGHT ... when I have had 6800 GS @16/6 @425@1200 MHz on AGP my glxgears drop something about 1000-1200 glgears ... with old drivers I had 15900-16000 and with new 14800-15200 ... now I have 7900 Gs @600/1600 MHz and all is oki glg ALWAYS (old and new drivers) =19600-20150
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