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Default [96.29/x86_64/FC6] screen goes blank from time to time.

Hello all,

I've just upgrade my trusty FC5 to (a fresh install of) FC6.
With the upgrade, I decide to try the latest drivers (96.29) for a bit of AiGLX fun.

Long story short, when I start X, it starts just fine, but every ~10 seconds or so, the screen goes blank, the machine freezes, and everything returns to normal after ~2 seconds.

When I revert back to 87.76, everything goes to normal.
I tried disabling renderaccel, DAMAGE, RENDER, Composite... Nothing seem to help.

HP xw9300.
2 x Opteron 275.
Quadro FX1400.
4GB PC3200.

I'll attach the nvidia-log once I have time to reinstall the new driver.

- Gilboa
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