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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

You guys wouldn't believe it. Doing various guild BG runs, where the alliance seems to do rather poorly (and on our server, given it's only a few months old where practically no on has their tier 2 gear, and absolutely no one has their tier 3); we decided to go raiding to get the horrible defeats against tier 3 shammys and stuff outa our system.

So given a favorite passtime on Aman'Thul at least, where the horde raides Goldshire and PvPs the n00bs; I half jokingly suggested Thunderhoof Village would be along the same lines (though there are more civilians there to be careful of). So after getting no responce from x-roads, some decided "yeah lets go to Durotar". We hit a few gaurds in Thunderhoof Village, and nothing.

So, some peeps decided to try Thunderbluff, and well we only had a 5 man party. As I've played horde chars, as well as alliance, I told them exactly what to expect going up to TB... After killing some gaurds, we just kept stun locking a lvl 60 druid, a shammy, and a lock, while having some keep the agro off for the gaurds, and the priest in the group mind controling these players off the bridge/cliff

It was fricken hours before the Horde even started moving in; and for all that time we just kept mind controlling peeps to their deaths. Sometimes we were all up top, and one time I was below and seeing the druid land, took last hit and he had to grave back. Musta been like 3 hours before peeps flew in. True, not nearly as well defended out there as IF or Darnasus (though lots more civies to run from/be careful with), that we even held a horde city for like 3 hours like that with a 5 man party

By the time we were done (though not until hours after we started) the place was completely full of, well definitely more then 40 or so Guess we had our fun afterall, after getting ownage from cross server BGs, where as lvl 60s (yeah I'm 60 now) we have to face peeps in tier 3 gear when we're only beginning to ready ourselves for end game...

Even funnier still, one or two peeps in party didn't even know it was a capital city; until I told them... Then it was like "dirty lil confession, I have some horde guys, except for a shammy, on another realm also"... Peeps were even more surprised then that we did this to a capital
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