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Lightbulb HOW TO: install nvidia driver .run packages yourself in ubuntu edgy 6.10

If you try to build/install nvidia drivers yourself in edgy, it errors with a message regarding the need to run at init 3... and if you quit and try the "telinit 3" suggestion from the installer, it launches right back into gnome. Here's how to get the job done-

A HUGE thank you to Cambo for sharing this information in another thread:

Boot into Ubuntu as normal, logging in on my normal account

Open a terminal, and type 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop'

Press Ctrl-Alt-F1 to go from VT7 to VT1 (X uses VT7, and no login prompt appears here)

Login in to my normal account at the text login prompt

type 'sudo bash' (neat trick to get you a root shell)

'cd' to the folder with the downloaded driver file

'./' (or whatever driver file you downloaded)

Follow the onscreen instruction, and you should get everything set up fine.

'/etc/init.d/gdm start' will restart X for you

If you are using a different window manager, you will probably need to change the 'gdm stop/start' lines to suit - ie. kdm for KDE.
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