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Default Re: HOW TO: install nvidia driver .run packages yourself in ubuntu edgy 6.10

Originally Posted by Lithorus
Think you are missing the point. The original poster was refering to the bug with the new beta driver and dash...
Actually, it isn't so much a problem with dash, as getting Ubuntu to a state where you can install the very latest Nvidia drivers. It avoids any playing around with run levels, etc, which may have consequences with regard to wireless networking, etc.

The 'sudo bash' bit is just a way to get a root shell on Ubuntu, as by default, Ubuntu does not let you log in as root, and putting 'sudo' in front of every command can be a pain, and may also affect how a command runs.

@jwillar: As much as I like apt-get/adept/aptitude, they do rely on the repository maintainers to actually package up the latest drivers. I personally much prefer to get my drivers directly from Nvidia. When I first installed Ubuntu, the drivers they had available were pretty old, and the method of install didn't work quite right for me (no 3d acceleration). I understand they have improved this now, but I am happy to continue installing the Nvidia drivers as I do now. Please do not take this as any form of criticism ;-)

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