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Default Re: Got a new 5800 Ultra on the way

Originally posted by bkswaney
I just hope it's stable on my G-bay chipset mobo.
My 9700 Pro sure was not.
And yes I had the newest drivers etc. It's a AGP problem with the 7205 chipset and the Radeon.
Not trying to flame, and I certainly don't blame you for wanting to find a card that's fast and stable on your platform, but I'm a little curious as to what happened between today and two days ago when you posted this on Rage3D:

I'm not sure why some of u r having problems with older 9700's and X8.

I have a rev 1 9700 Pro and it works just fine on all MOBO's I've tried.
It's on a new G-bay 7205 Intel chipset now with X8 running no problem.
I do not see any problems using it on a 875P board.
From what I understand the 875 and 7205 are a lot alike
in many ways.
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