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Lightbulb Re: opengl broken after livna nvidia driver update

Originally Posted by linuxownz
I just tried installing the 9629 drivers and nothing is working. I dont know what to do to correct this.

Nov 10 19:20:16 Erased: kmod-nvidia-legacy
Nov 10 19:20:21 Installed: kmod-nvidia.i686 1.0.9629-
Nov 10 19:20:24 Installed: xorg-x11-drv-nvidia.i386 1.0.9629-1.lvn6
Nov 10 19:20:24 Erased: xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-legacy

errors about mismatches
gnome-config-display has stopped working
monitor and card not detected

What are the steps I need to follow to correct this?

The livna packages for the nvidia drivers seem to have some issues. Just for reference, I use FC6 and the Smart package manager.

First of all Smart attempts to install the i586 version of the driver, resulting in a switch of the kernel version as well. That can be corrected by "locking" the i686 version of the kernel (I presume) or manually installing the correct version.

The other issue is more subtle but equally severe. The nvidia libGL libraries are installed in /usr/lib/nvidia. For some reason the /usr/lib/ keeps pointing to the /usr/lib/, which is a mesa library, instead of the /usr/lib/nvidia/ I manually fix the symbolic link:
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/nvidia/ /usr/lib/

Another issue I've seen is with the permissions of the /dev/nvidia* devices. Direct rendering fails due to that. I do the following to correct it:
sudo chmod 0666 /dev/nvidia*
sudo chown root /dev/nvidia*

Hope this helps. Due to the above issues one might wonder why bother using the livna packages.

As one of the nvidia devs said, if you have an NV2X card don't use the 9629 driver, you'll get sgementation faults.

I hope bug fixes from the main driver branch will find their way to the legacy branch. Also it would be nice if beta drivers for the legacy branch were released as well (if not already done so). I see some bug fixes in the 9742 beta driver that I'd like to see them backported to the legacy branch, even in the form of a beta driver.

thank you
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