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Default My screen shutdowns when I use nvidia driver


I have a GeForce4 Ti 4200 AGP 8x on my computer, and the driver I use is the "nv"
driver from Linux under Ubuntu Dapper.

When I used Debian (under sarge and etch) with xfree86, the official driver worked perfectly!
But since I use Ubuntu with xorg, the official driver never worked (I tried a lot of releases).

The screen shutdowns when I start xorg. I can hear the song of gdm which starts.
But I can't do anything else.
If I press [ctrl]+[alt]+[F1] I can't come back to a console, and I can't kill X with the keys. The screen stays shutdowned.

I told about it in the Ubuntu forums but they can't find the problem (you can see here the things we tried to do):

Since this thread on Ubuntu Forums I tried one or two releases from nvidia website including this one (the last at this time):
But the problem stay alive.

Here is the last pastebin I have from my Xorg logs:

This is the xorg.conf I use with nvidia official driver (generated by the driver installer):

And at least this is the xorg.conf which works fine (with nv driver from Linux kernel):
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