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Default Re: Splinter Cell Double Agent (PC)

Originally Posted by Knot3D
Concerning content ? Well actually, they are not 100% the same :

At MAX 'next gen' settings the PC version it's textures and character models
are at a downscaled resolution and lower polygon models than the Xbox360 version.

A carefull game observer notices such differences.
You play the game with settings in high ? Is very dificult in this game, game control run badly .

1900 xtx , run about 15-20 fps -1080p -

I have many many problems with the settings in game. Sometimes the reflections of the ice ground have medium or low quality with AA and a one "supposed" HDR, in other is a texture and in others have high quality with AA and HDR ? .

supposed HDR +AA and HDR whitout AA . See the ice . 18 Mb

HDR +AA ? See the ice. 10 Mb

"Render por hardware" is HDR in english settings

HDR+ AA can be selected in the panel of settings.The HDR +AA is working, but randomly. The panel of settings of game does not work correctly, is very difficult to select settings. In two videos that I have put he sees the HDR+AA is perfectly working, but in other occasions he does not work.

I have the two versions, and believe that the PC, - in one hight end computer - is seen better, - if the HDR+AA is working -. Better textures and AF for example.

I speak of a Crossfire, a SLI or one 8800. The 360 version is optimized very well for the characteristics of the 360 .Great use of HDR, AA but AF 2 x or 4x -, it is seen very well. The version of PC with HDR have many jagies, too many.

Ah!! in my 8800 GTX the game not run
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