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Default Driver 962x and DGA issues ...

Running Fedora Core 6 here with AIGLX/Compiz.

A few weeks ago I loaded the Beta 1.0-9625/9626 drivers and discovered I had to prevent the DGA extension from loading so the Composite extension would. I used the following block to do so ...

Section "Module"
Load "extmod"
SubSection "extmod"
Option "omit xfree86-dga"
Load "glx"

All GLX applications worked and any program that looked for the DGA extension (e.g., Doom3/Quake4) didn't find it.

Now I've since upgraded to the release 1.0-9629 drivers. I don't need any such block for AIGLX/Compiz to work. No blocking DGA required either.

Unfortunately, now when programs attempt to load DGA and Bam! The gdm-binary respawns (because X crashed)! I caught the output from doom3 and instantly noted the point in which this occurs. I also tried a 2D program that uses DGA such as XGalaxy and I've got the same issue.

Putting in the above block in an attempt to prevent DGA from loading doesn't work either. Is the DGA extension incompatible with Composite in 1.0-9629? I assume so from the 1.0-9625/9626 drivers, but I'm now wondering why it's re-enabled? Again, DGA is loading with the 1.0-9629 drivers, and I've noted several GLX and DGA apps that cause X to crash (and gdm-binary to respawn) as a result.

If someone could explain what I'm seeing, confirm that DGA should not be loading and how I can prevent DGA from loading with 1.0-9629 -- I'd greatly appreciate it!
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