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Default Re: Driver 962x and DGA issues ...

Originally Posted by netllama
DGA support was removed from the NVIDIA driver quite a while ago. Why do you think that DGA has any connection to the problems your'e reporting?
Because I ran into them when originally testing the 1.0-9625/9626 drivers.
I, among others, found that we couldn't enable AIGLX/Compiz because Composite wasn't loading.
And Composite wasn't loading because DGA was loaded.
Once we prevented DGA from loading with the 1.0-9625/9626 drivers (see the previous block I posted for the exact lines in xorg.conf), we had no issues with Composite loading (and getting the AIGLX/Compiz).

So when I ran into this issue with the latest 1.0-9629 driver with Doom3, I piped stdout/stderr to a file as saw the X crash occurred when Doom3 tried to use DGA.
I was able to reproduce it with any program that attempted to use DGA.
I looked at the X logs and, sure enough, DGA is loading.

Originally Posted by netllama
Please generate and attach an nvidia-bug-report.log
I've attached both the stdout/stderr from xinit -logverbose 5 output and the nvidia-bug-report.log.
It was generated on a HP Pavilion dv9000z with the GeForce Go 7600.
I'm seeing the exact same issue on an Athlon x2 4200+ with the GeForce Go 7800GTX.

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