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Here's another bug report showing things 'working' with a supposed 120hz 1920x540 interlaced mode which my tv and those of two other people supposedly asked for. Like the other guys, I get the top half of the screen showing at double height and flickering like it's really interlaced. Please realize that just because it SAYS it's working, doesn't mean the output is usable. At the same time, my other myth box connected to this tv with a component cable works just fine. It's only over DVI that your driver mis-interprets the EDID info and gives an incorrect picture.

That's what I meant by 'exactly the same issue'.

Why do you have such a bitchy attitude toward your loyal customers who just want the hardware they paid good money for to work? I've got this card, a 6600gt, and two 7950gs cards in constant use in my house and a 7800gt sitting in my garage in a box because I don't have a machine that needs a pci-e video card at the moment, but your crap attitude has got me wondering if there isn't a better game in town.
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