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Exclamation URGENT! 7600CS (rev 02e1) stays black when screen via VGA extender


we are assembling ~ 100 Nvidia Cards / Month. So far we have been very lucky with the 6600 Series, poorly they are not buyable here anymore, so we had to move to the 7xxx series and have a very bad behaviour of this cards:

If no screen is connected OR we use VGA Extender (Display & PC are far away. F.e. 200m with Cat.5 Video Xmitters) a "startx" works fine with the 6600 BUT 7600 has no video output.

How to reproduce?
1. Boot your PC with 7xxx card inside, Runlevel 3
2. login root/pass
3. disconnect VGA Cable
4. startx
5. connect VGA Cable again -> display stays off. (HERE WE NEED A SIGNAL)

Else info:
a. We tried all available 32 bit drives. (8776, 8756, 9629) all are the same.
b. If you do a screenshot in this situation (import -window root name.jpg) you
see the full desktop. Seems only that the card does not sent the VGA
signal to the VGA Cable
c. Wen you reproduced you can go by keyboard to a console (Strg-Alt-F2)
and have a signal. When you go back to X-Konsole (Strg-Alt-F7) the
monitor turns off again.

I know it is nice to "talk" with the screen, but all of this we do not need.
What is the correct option to escape this trap?

We tried various options in the xorg.conf but NO documented command helped so far.

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