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Default Re: URGENT! 7600CS (rev 02e1) stays black when screen via VGA extender

Hi Pe1chl,

I tried now with 6200 6600 and 6600 GT are are fine for me. Only 7xxx shows it!
FYI - The best option I ever had for DVI was :
Section "DEVICE":
Option "FlatPanelProperties" "Scaling = native"
Option "ExactModeTimingsDVI" "true"
Option "ModeValidation" "NoEdidDFPMaxSizeCheck, NoEdidMaxPClkCheck, NoMaxPClkCheck, 
NoHorizSyncCheck, NoVertRefreshCheck, NoEdidDFPMaxSizeCheck, NoEdidModes"
I am looking for a solution that the card is NOT TALKING with the monitor at all.
This would be the best and finest option for me. But how to do?
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