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Default Re: My screen shutdowns when I use nvidia driver


I checked the steps decribed in this link.

1) Stability problems.

* I have only one processor, and only one processor core.
* I'm not using an IA64 processor. I have an athlon XP
* I don't see strange messages on syslog about NVIDIA module. That only what I see
with dmesg: "NVRM: loading NVIDIA Linux x86 Kernel Module 1.0-9629...."

2) I searched for a thread which talk about this. And I see any stories about black screen...
It's difficult to detect a problem which could be the same than mine.

3) Ok. Step by step. When I start gdm, the screen (which have a green LED when all works
and the computer is running) becomes black as if my computer were shutdown. Its LED becomes orange.
I can hear gdm starting. It seems I can control my computer with the keyboard.
But during this session, my screen stay black so I have to reboot...

4) I don't have an other computer to execute remotely
So I executed it towards the crontab after launching X --verbose 5(only X and not gdm).
The result is in attachment.
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