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Default Re: 9625 beta / some problems on Geforce 3 & Fedora 6

Originally Posted by netllama
I've finally been able to reproduce this problem and confirmed that it is isolated to DFPs (not CRTs), and is specific to the NV20 GPU based cards. Bug 266952 has been opened.
That's very good news. Thanks.

I wonder what is going on with glx. It works for me on Fedora 6 when using 8774 or the 9625 beta, but causes any gl/glx-using program to segfault on 2629 and the whole kernel to crashes when trying to use glx with the 8776 driver. I saw the 8776 packages on Livna; I don't even know if it is an officially released stable version.

I'm using 8774, but it seems to have a problem with transparency. E.g. rounded window corners in GNOME (Metacity) are draw as black sharp corners. 8776 does draw the transparent bits corrently (rounded corners), but as I said gl/glx causes the whole system to crash.
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