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Default Re: URGENT! 7600CS (rev 02e1) stays black when screen via VGA extender

I agree with you. I want to be able to configure "there is a VGA monitor with this modeline connected to that connector" without the know-it-all driver second-guessing me that it "is not connected" or "does not accept that modeline".

However the standpoint of NVIDIA, from the responses to questions and lack of response to specific questions I asked on this board, seems to be that what the driver thinks is best should have preference over what the administrator says is correct.

I don't like that at all. And I see several others here who have problems with it. But they probably have a legal department that tells them that they must write their driver so that it cannot blow up an IBM 8513 (wellknown first-generation VGA monitor that you easily blow up using wrong parameters).
That the currently used monitors do not expose this behaviour, and that some users have special wishes like being able to start X without monitor and connect it later, does not really seem to bother them. They just add more checks and more NoXxxxCheck options at each and every release.
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