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Default Re: Driver 962x and DGA issues ...

Originally Posted by netllama
There's a known bug in 1.0-9629 where X will crash when certain types of mode changes occur (such as starting Doom) while using a DFP. This bug has no association with DGA, as there is no DGA support in the nvidia driver going back several versions (this is documented in the driver README as well). This bug will be resolved in the next driver release. The current workarounds are to either change to the desired mode using xrandr, or downgrade to an older driver version.
Okay. I guess that's the problem then. I'll try xrandr (UPDATE: it worked flawlessly). I didn't see it in the 1.0-9625/9626 Betas, so this makes sense.

BTW, I'm having no issues with Scorched 3D, UT 2004, etc... I believe I was running in different resolutions for those apps as well, but I'll have to check.

Originally Posted by netllama
As for the Compiz/AIGLX/Composite issue, the Composite extension is enabled by default in FC6. If the Composite extension is failing to load, this suggests some other problem with your environment as you are the first person to report a problem such as this. Additionally, I'm running FC6 on the system where I'm typing this, as Composite is loaded with the 1.0-9629 driver.
Oh, I'm having no issues with the Composite extensions and am getting Compiz/AIGLX. On the older Beta driver, I had to prevent the XFree86-DGA extension from loading or Composite would not. But on 1.0-9629, this was not required.

Thanx for the assist!

-- Bryan

P.S. Should I see any performance degradation in full-screen GLX apps while Composite/AIGLX/Compiz is turned on? I noticed I lose about 20-30% performance in windowed apps (e.g., GLXGears) and was wondering if the same is true of full-screen apps as well? When Composite/AIGLX/Compiz is running, I assume it is taking away from memory for buffer/textures? Would this include for full-screen apps as well?
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