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Originally posted by RobHague
What are you talking about? FlowFX isnt controlled through the hardware - its activated by the drivers. The only thing that is on/in/near the core is the temp sensor and the drivers seem to just activate flowfx (i assume via voltage adjustment) whenever a D3D or OGL application is run. The card has a 'slowdown threshold' in which it down clocks if it gets to a certain temperature - at the moment that is set to 140*c and they could easily change that to whatever they want (or allow it user adjustable). Problem could be solved very easily. No big deal unless you like wasting your time watching fancy 3d screensavers all day.
i think to change the onboard heat sensor threshold might require a BIOS upgrade and may not be accesable through the HAL on windowsxp. (why firmware upgrades require DOS bootdisks or win98)

but whats sad is how this is all futile. how you and i may own what will in the future be that 'one geforce that needed all that cooling integration' and be kind of outside the unified scope of detenators - since nvidia is chickening out of DDR2 and going back to whats safe and working for ATi.

(as 'risk and pioneering' become synonimous with disaster in the 3D card industry once again and take a ride in the backseat of company priorities for a long long time to come)

hey at least we get to all go back to those cheap 5$ coolers that ATi and nvidia had been slacking off on til nv30!! (sure its not like anyone can use the first PCI slot with an AGP card, but at least that space will be mine again someday to whatever...!!)
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