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i would spend less than 25% on a new motherboard, keep the 9700, and start saving money for nv35. thats an aweful expensive investment in some nice gfx hardware you got there.

while the mobo transition to 800mhz (with a nice little cpu upgrade for xmas) might have you sitting with an 800mhz FSB pumping,IntelP4 3.5+ghz (hyperthreaded) blazing, nvidia geforce6 screaming, hell of a good time in 2004.

also that PNY is the shadiest of the 5800s, methinks they got a really good deal on taking the recalled flowFX-outfitted first-press 5800Ultras. because they had them out so much ahead of anyone else, and their cooling solution is the old, opaque, loudest one. (fine though if your planning on a 3rd party cooling solution for your we all are pretty much, my friend. except the gainward or Leadtek buyers.)

good luck wid dat.
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