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ya its just that they make these heat sensors, in some implimentations, so low-level so that theres like no possible chance that any possible OS or software or driver crash or screwup might possibly over-ride or crash that safety-valve. so they just use the most crude and simple method to set that threshold monitor (im just assuming, like with the Intel cpu) and its often hard-soldered. like maybe even the BIOS cant change certain characteristics.

i dont know for sure, but i do know that heat-sensors can often be implimented in that fashion and be unscale-able.

i certainly hope not tho

course i dont even use 3D screensavers because of how they munch ram resources and are often not good about cleaning it up when they snap back to the desktop. the MS ones are good , but old and ugly anyway.

i still use the original matrix screensaver that supported multimonitors and is written in simple 2D DOS, takes less than 128k memory, and when it covers all my monitors and i wear sunglasses even though its dark and wear a leather trenchcoat even though its warm out...i fell like im actually a real matrix actor...with make-up, wiring, and CG that makes me look faster and even taller
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